Wednesday, February 28, 2007

.It's A Wonderful World.

I Haven't been too great today. Slept most of it!
But...The good news is I feel much better! :]
We have a couple of people coming to stay in Girne. They pretti cool. So might hang round with them for a little bit the rest of this week!
Then we have our great friend Michelle coming who has been traveling and is going to stop off here for about 2 weeks! excited!! She hilarious! :) hehehe.

I was at dance the other night. And my dance teacher just looked at me and like realized that im leaving here! And got all teary eyed! And it's starting to hit me that i'm leaving everything i know. Once again....
But I have this feeling it's going to be better than i've ever known! So im real excited about that. :]

Matt Last Summer. :) He fits the outfit doesn't he? :P
I'm Going to miss him when we leave. We all are. He's Pretty much an amazing uncle.!

Well That's IT for tonight.
Gotta get my beauty rest!
Love You All.


Coco said...

wow...matt looks awesome. He should wear that all the time!

Island Life said...

time for an update girl!!! missing ya and I def. need to see you soon!!!! what are u up to for the weekend????!!!!