Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hello My loverlys.

It's been raining all day...
It Chilly. Burr.

I Surprised Caley with a camera at school today...she wasn't too happy! hehe. Here's somee I took... :)

Caley and Me...At 8:45 in the morning...niice. :

Me!! And Caleys kiwi/strawberry yummyness. :) Yuup.

This is caley...BRIGHT and early! With her coffee....TsTsTs.

Me doing Math...RIGHT! :P

Well That's All i From todays school Dayy! :)

Today I didn't do Too much! I did some yesterday :. My mom is preparing for a Mexican feast tomorrow night!! Seven layer dip,fresh salsa,crunchy tacos,and soft chicken fajitas. Sounds good to me :)

For Saturday, she's whipped up some scrumptious cinnamon rolls. We are going to Troodos on Saturday for Cory's 9th Bday!(Cory is the little boy who my mom teaches...hes basicly my 3rd brother :p) We're all ready for extreme sporting! Ill have some piccage in for yall! ;)

All The ladies and girlies (me..hehe) on miss janice's Bday! I thought it was a cute picturee! :D

Well This is it. I gots to hit the hay. :)
But i will most probably get one in tomorrow.
Hope all is well.
Much Love coming from me...
Livi :)


Cypriot said...

hello friend! good to hear you got a blogger... another convert! so i was wondering when we are heroesing again.... we need to do that sooon! i am going to the women's weekend, so u have to come too! you are HOME schooled.... you can talk your momma out of it for sure. anyways.. talk to be bout it sometime ciao, sarabeth

Cypriot said...

i think i love you too

Island Life said...

hey hey there pooshk!!! I miss ya miss ya miss ya tons! Hey did i say that I miss ya!!! I hope that you are doing wonderful! Call me!

Island Life said...

"where art thou Livi?!"- Sarabeth

I am missin my poosh pooshk!!! aka-- i am missing my couch!!! hahaha u little smackenville!

love ya!

Cypriot said...

hey so i just noticed buttcheek in one of the caley pictures!!!! BUTTCHEEK!!!! haha sorry this is my 3rd comment, but you havent written another post! haha...