Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Today Is Valentine's Day !
I Haven't done much today. I did some school...And mom had a kids Valentine's Day party!
AND...Guess what she made for dinner!? She made us...DUN DUN DUNN...heart shaped PINK yummy pankcakes! With bacon..And eggs.
It was Yum. :]
i Lovee Me Mommy.

So this is my very frist blog on here. And whoever is reading this. I just want to tell you something. I would like to tell you that ...

And that ii Love you. :)

The weather here is so crazy. Can't make its mind up! This morning I was so excited that it was really warm! Buttt....It had to change on me...:( I was just thinking...I was going to get my flipflops out! Finally! : I am going to anyway! heh.
I miss just walking down the beach. And just looking how beautiful everything is. The sun setting,the clouds turning a pinky...purple color.

And wanting to just start dancing. :) It's so gorgeous!

There are three friends tonight that i want to say Love you to...
Danielle...Because she's my fellow PooshkPooshk. And we always have fun and laugh LOttS when we're together!

Colby...Because he has been a really great friend. :) And hes a good story teller. :P
Bex. Because she has been my friend through ups and downs. And even though we are like complete opposites we are the best of friends. :)

Hope Everyone has had a Grreat Loveey Day!


Olivia Kerrigan Meades said...
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Coco said...

aww thanks're a great storyteller too! lol...and really thanks for putting the most ridiculous picture of me on here possible! haha