Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Well I haven't been up to much lately. BUT i did go to Troodos(the greekside mountains) on Saturday. It was GREAT, And there was lotta snoww. Yeyy. I <3 snow. But i hated the cold. :( lol
Here's A Feww Picturess of our time...
Me,Levi And Will. :)
Dad....u ok? :P
Us iin the car...poor will got car sick....uhhh. :)
Woahh...Scawwy Willliam! This is What we do on rode trips...:P lol


Stuck in the phone booth...my fantasy! heh!

Matt...And his childhood memory. :)

We had a GREAT time at Troodos. I've been there three years in a row wiht out friends The Jevdets and this has been the Best year ever! :)

Love You Guys Loadsys...

Livi (and to Danielle..woo wierd sayin your REAL name..i am...Pooshk... )

Btw...This picture right here is for The Poosh Pooshk!!
The one and only...bootcheak. Thankyou. :)


Island Life said...

Oh my pooshk... thank you thank you thank you.. thats just what I wanted to see!! hahaha saka!!! oh man u crack me up... speaking of crack i just saw one! hahah! but i love you and I will see you tomorrow!!! yay! i better see you i need a poosh pooshk fix!!! glad you had fun in the moutains!! love ya

Coco said...

Man that buttcheek....i'll never be the same. I need a copy of that painting in my house...maybe i'll just paint a new one of myself or Chad or something...hahaha...the Trodos looks so fun! I saw more pics and videos on matt's camera...saw you wipe out and hit a tree....hehee. I was over in Lefke while you were in the mountains and i could see the snow from where i was...i think i saw you fall off of the sled once or twice....just kidding i was really far away.

Cypriot said...

ode to the "bootcheak"...

how lovely! you gotta love it, you really do. so retreatin was real fun... i am STILL SUNBURNED... and IT IS FEBRUARY!!!! yay! we had a blast... hmmmm it kinda still smells like camel pee tho... xoxo sara B